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Welcome to the page commemorating my second passion, writing. My first is painting, and if you would like to see an example of that, go see my painting page. Here you will find samples of my short stories and novels. As you will find, my writing style is dark or speculative fiction with stories that have themes dealing with societal issues that I find interesting. Look around, enjoy your stay, and I would be interested in any comments you may have about my writing.

Damien A. Keith
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Between the prisoners in the CITY and the drug-addled patrons of the Midway, it's no wonder Connecticut Crowley is burnt out. The sudden appearance of mutants in the Midway and a rash of mutilation suicides in the suburbs leaves Crowley with plenty of questions and a very bad feeling in his gut. When a two-ton Cybo-Sentry disappears from prison area CIT1, instinctively he knows that finding the answers will take him where he doesn't want to go; into the heart of the CITY.

An On-going Graphic Novel

Most names vanish from history like footprints in the windswept sand. Others are passed into legend where they forever live in the hearts and minds of men; Mai's was such a name. Though her given name has been lost to time, her life and deeds will be remembered forever.