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Ryan Construction Company specializes in the renovation of residential properties. Ryan Construction Company works in all aspects of building and remodeling and wanted that to be illustrated on their site. To achieve that I divided the Portfolio section into categories e.g. kitchens, basements, renovations, etc. and used a slideshow presentation to display the images (click here to view the Portfolio section screenshot). To minimize the number of pages and keep costs down, I used onclicks and onmouseovers to show/hide layers but keeps the visitor on the page. The unfortunate trade-off of that method is that all the image have to preload but, once loaded, they will display faster. Because of the large number of images on the site as well as the preloading issue, I added a caveat to the index page warning visitors of the graphically intense nature of the site. On the index page, update notifications are supplied via a layer on an animated timeline that descends from the top of the screen. Links in the notification box takes the visitor directly to the updates. Finally, 'close window' javascript was added to close the update window.